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tight 5 Accelerator
If you’re looking to create a five-minute set that fast-tracks you to becoming the comedian you’ve always wanted to be, then joining the Tight 5 Accelerator could be ...
... the best decision you’ve ever made!

Your Path to becoming a successful comedian STARTS RIGHT NOW

Why a Tight 5?

Get booked

Your tight 5 is what bookers look at to determine if they want to pay you for your comedy.

Write your hour

A tight 5 gives you a solid foundation on which to build your first special. Hours are built five minutes at a time. Once you know how to build one tight 5, it’s just “rinse and repeat” until you write your first special.

Get a late-night

The Tight 5 is the standard for a late-night set. It’s what you will need to get on Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon, Stephen Colbert and Conan.
What You’ll Get Out of the
Tight 5 Accelerator ...
...The Perfect 5
During the four-week session, you will create your perfect Tight 5 that will start getting you noticed in the industry.

Essential Comedy Skills

You will also be building essential skills to jump-start your comedy career. Here are just a few:
Overcome Stage Fright
This is a biggy. Most comics waste 1-2 years mustering up the courage to go on stage—precious time that could have been spent honing the craft. When they finally do take the plunge, crowds can sense their nervous energy, and even the best-written jokes fall flat.
Perfect the Fundamentals
Gain a thorough understanding of the different tricks and tools in the comedian’s bag. Avoid common pitfalls and watch your cute one-liners transform into fully fleshed-out, hilarious bits.
Elevate Your Punchlines
Learn how to craft punchlines for maximum impact. Our coaches will push you to move beyond low-hanging fruit and won’t let you skate by on shock value. You’ll write actual punchlines that pack a powerful punch...Go figure.
Find Your Voice
It can take comedians decades to find their voice. We’ve taken deliberate steps to create a tight-knit family of students and coaches who will give you a 360-degree view of who you are on and off stage. This process will reveal aspects of your personality that will make up your future stage persona.
Perfect Your Performance
Comedy is more than just the right sequence of words. It’s not just what you’re saying, but how you’re saying it. Our coaches will teach you how to use your whole body to express the emotional reality of your jokes in the most effective—and funny—way possible.
Learn the Business
It’s called show business for a reason. Too many comics flounder because they focus on the show and ignore the business. In this program, we teach you how to balance the two, and you will get to ask all of your business questions to an actual booker.
Get in the "Inner Circle"
In comedy your network is your net worth. Most opportunities come from other comedians. When you join the accelerator program, you become a lifetime member of an elite alumni. Comedians who have poured their most valuable resources into their passion. These are the names you will one day see on marquees around the world. You will want to be in their inner circle when the time is right.

What our graduates are saying!

"Absolutely buzzing after I finished the Tight 5 Accelerator! I'm so happy to have produced what I have written. I watched my first set back over and the gulf between that and even the 3rd week is monumental."
- Jack Allen
"After finishing the Tight 5 Accelerator, I scored industry sets at the Comic Strip and West Side Comedy Club in NYC! I can't recommend this program enough"
- Martha Louise
" I can't turn off the joke faucet. They are just pouring out!"
- Mike Marr
"The Tight 5 Accelerator lives up to it's name"
- Jordan Wilson

What's inside? Format: 90 and 30

We will meet once weekly for two hours. The sessions will be divided as follows:
90 minutes of performance feedback
giving you the essential skills to fine-tune your tight5
30 minutes lecture and Q&A
giving you the tools to kick your comedy into high gear
Week 1: The Fundamentals

What bookers are looking for

  • Rehearsing and memorizing your set
  • Grading your set
Week 2: Editing
  • Word economy
  • Hard consonants
  • Transcribing sets
  • Tagging
Week 3: Make It Funny
  • Organizing your set
  • Time Dash
  • Me, US, Them
  • More techniques….
Week 4: Booker Showcase
  • Performance feedback from a club booker
  • Q&A with booker
  • Video of your set to send to bookers

Meet Your Mentors

Joel Byars

Joel Byars has more than 10 years of professional comedy experience in both performing and teaching. His career has taken him everywhere from Comedy Central to Just For Laughs, The Comedy Store, Caroline’s, and even self-producing his own comedy special, The Trophy Husband.

His award winning podcast, Hot Breath!, also features more than 300 interviews with the world’s top comics ranging from Jeff Foxworthy to Cedric the Entertainer, Andrew Schulz, and many more. He has a passion for helping comics level up their comedy in a positive and supportive environment, which is exactly why The Tight 5 Accelerator exists.

Yoshee So

Yoshee So is a comedian, podcaster and marketing executive. As the Chief Creative Officer of Hot Breath, he is in charge of content and creative. For 10 years, he has performed improv, standup and sketch comedy. In 2017, he was selected as a semifinalist for NBC Standup. Yoshee has toured the country, sharing the stage with TJ Miller, Chris Tucker and Rory Scovel. He studied improv at Dad’s Garage, Second City and UCB.

Still Not Sure??? You’re Meant for This!

You were born to do this. We designed this program to help you fulfill that destiny sooner. Join the Tight 5 Accelerator ...
... and get a head start on your journey today!
"It will accelerate your career."
- Jacob Hill

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